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Zuiderzicht Nieuw Zuid

Zuiderzicht is the first of 8 sustainable residential towers that is being built in the South of Antwerp.


At the foot of the Erasmus bridge at the Willemsplein in Rotterdam, project developer Van Wijnen is building a 40 meters high residential tower.

Private House Porto D Maria

A WINDOW TO THE SEA The contemporary architecture of this villa was designed to take advantage of the best of the Algarve: breathtaking views and a climate that invites y...

Brede school Houthaven

A century ago, cargo ships from all over the world used to unloaded their logs here....

CHV Noordkade

The former CHV terrain in Veghel has transformed into a cultural center with cafés, restaurants, shops, offices and various workshops for graphics, visual arts and pop mu...

Poolhouse Bergen

Wellness poolhouse designed by UWarchitects

Children's Campus Zuidas

Children’s Campus Zuidas accommodates a primary school, day-care centre, after-school care facilities and sports hall....

Fenixloodsen Rotterdam

Mei architects and planners have designed the re-destination of the Fenixloodsen Rotterdam....

The Muse of Rotterdam

For the Muse Rotterdam, a design by Barcode Architects, Reynaers developed a custom made sliding solution, together with façade builder Blitta en Smits Bouwbedrijf....

Buftea Residence

Located between a forest and a lake, this single storey residence in Romania unites form with function in communion with nature. 

Bosvilla Voorschoten

Modern woodland villa on country estate in Voorschoten

10 Monteith

10 Monteith, the new O-shaped residential complex in Brooklyn offers apartments with cascading terraces and studios....